Publicado el: Sunday April 28th, 2024
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Financial advice provides an important part of the current and future status, including debts from the past to today, to be able to make profitable or simply unify debt amounts to be able to have greater room for maneuver around your financial situation.
Starting with the general financial evaluation, it will be possible to delve deeper and detail what solutions and/or alternatives are offered, both in the private and public spheres, in order to benefit from benefits and aid, analyzing the current situation, depending on how it fluctuates. the market around needs and/or desires.
Based on this, let’s say that constant and/or punctual financial advice will always be good, both for individuals and SMEs, and not fall into economic discouragement about how to “move forward”, build a solid foundation with short-term considerations. , medium and/or long term, is something very important, because it is useless to invest a lot if the risk is high, therefore a risk evaluation/analysis is something that can avoid many problems, and even bankruptcy, for example. That encourages us to get out of the customs to which one has always been exposed in a capitalist society where doing and having prevail, in order to be able to comply with the taxes, laws and regulations of the nation in which one lives, and have “a cushion.” , to face the ups and downs to which one is exposed, and to summarize, you can invest in small returns with minimal risk, or invest in other types of more voluminous projects/businesses/systems, risking more than the general calculation willing to win and lose. For example: A company that offered a package of “x” olives on its flights, decided to remove two olives from each package, saving around €90,000, therefore, who knows if saving properly, with debt unification and By investing safely, you will have a calmer life and a decent retirement? Well, that’s where financial advice comes in.
I invite you to contact me and report your question and current situation, respecting the Data Protection Law and confidentiality. Thank you and have good financial health.