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JBCreationes / Cookies policy

In order to obtain optimal operation of our website we use cookies. Cookies are automatic procedures for collecting data about web browsing in order to recognize the user as a recurring visitor and personalize their experience. Among others, data such as the user’s navigation language, country, login, browser features, or even information about the date and time of the last visit, traffic parameters within the website are obtained and the number of visits.

Virtually all web pages use cookies since many of them are essential for the proper functioning of different services and utilities, such as for example the purchase or registration services or the connection to social networks.

In the event that a medium or low security configuration is used that allows the automatic installation of cookies when browsing our website, we will consider that you tacitly consent to its installation.
JBCREATIONES, through the website uses the following cookies:

Own Name / Third Parties Description Duration
_ga Third Party Cookies used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a customer identifier. Two years
_gid Third Party Cookie used to
store and update
a unique value for
Each page visited. One day
_gat Third Cookie used to differentiate
between the different
tracking objects
created in the session.
The cookie is created at
load the library
javascript Cookie
It is updated every time. One minute
qtrans_front_language Third Party Cookies used to determine the language selected by the user. One year
How to disable cookies?

Since our desire is that you have an optimal navigation through the site, cookies are automatically activated when you enter it. However, if you want to deactivate them (or re-activate them), you have to do it yourself through your browser. On the other hand, if your browser is already set to not accept cookies by default, our site may not work properly. Below, we provide information about how to activate and deactivate cookies in the main web browsers:

• If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, in the menu option Tools> Internet Options> Privacy> Settings.
• If you use Firefox, in the menu option Tools> Options> Privacy> Cookies.
• If you use Google Chrome, in the menu option Settings> Privacy
• If you use Safari, in the menu option Preferences> Security
In the event that your browser is not listed above, in the “Help” section of the browser you will find the necessary instructions to modify the settings.
You should keep in mind that blocking cookies or limiting their installation could cause some of the website’s features to not work or may be more complicated or slow to access.
An alternative to blocking cookies would be the activation of the private mode of your browser. This mode allows you to navigate through the pages, but these will not be recorded in the browser’s history, in the cookie store or in the search history once the user has closed all incognito tabs. Below, we provide several explanatory links on how to activate incognito mode in the main browsers:

– Internet Explorer: InPrivate

– FireFox: Navegación Privada

– Google Chrome: Incógnito

– Safari: Navegación Privada

– Opera: Navegación Privada

For more information, JB CREATIONES recommends reading the help section of the browser.

Thank you very much and enjoy browsing!