Hotel Projection

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Strategies of hotel projection, the use of Revenue Management being essential:

  • SWOT analysis, kind of hotel, location, category.
  • Forecast and Pick-Up, (in case that historical information is available).
  • Pricing and valuation per room/apartment/bungalow.
  • RevPar, TrevPar and GoPPar.
  • Search for agencies and tour operators according to the kind of hotel.
  • Segmentation of clients, including new types of potential clients.
  • Overbooking planned, to make it profitable when it arises
  • Basic and specialised strategies aimed at the increase or production.
  • Positioning and management of social media networks (which and why).
  • Services of the establishment to improve, to introduce, eliminate and/or modify.
  • Competition: Basic analysis of the direct competition.
  • Financial advising: Reduction of costs and increase of profits.
  • Occupancy integration and management of F&B.
  • Customer service: Increase of reputation, management of comments, customer loyalty.
  • Analysis of cold and hot points for the service sales: excursions, rent a car.
  • Hotel computer programme, recommended according to the kind of establishment.

All the points applied are based on the kind of establishment (or establishments, in case of several ones), in order to implement the different strategies, with the aim to maximise profits and minimise costs.

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