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In order to develop your financial Project, some requirements have to be fulfilled, amongst them commitment and seriousness are to be emphasised.

The points to be addressed are detailed as follows:

Time estimation: A date shall be estimated for the delivery of its creation (including some extra time for unexpected events).

Brand creation: Several outlines will be presented to choose from; or if you prefer, you can apply your brand already created.

Web design: Basic outlines are generated for the subsequent development by a designer (only in case that this service is needed).

Platform: If your project is online, on a physical place, or both.

Financial advising: Economic recommendations about the kind of project, the amount of the investment being subject to changes or any other financial aspect having an influence.

Type: the type of brand/Project to be prepared has to be defined; to this end all the possible information has to be provided; any detail, although small, will furnish clarity to the objective.

Target: Whom your idea is aimed at, potential clients, targeted public.

Segmentation: Division in groups of the targeted market.

Market analysis: According to the type of project, of its size, of the targeted market and other aspects, a basic or advanced analysis will be done; an external analysis can also be hired, which specialises in a certain sector.

Personnel employed: Organisation chart of the staff that is needed to implement your Project.

External services: The services contracted for the planning/creation and/or development.

Strategies: According to the kind of Project, a specific strategy is to be applied; to that end the most appropriate ones are assigned, or those that you wish to apply.

P.M.P.: The bases of the Project Management Professional to be applied are the following:

  • Integration: Developing the act of incorporation of the Project and its approval.
  • Scope: Planning the management of the estimated scope.
  • Time: Planning the timeline management.
  • Cost: Estimated cost.
  • Quality: Planning and ensuring Quality.
  • Human resources: Planning the management of the human resources.
  • Communications: Planning the communication management.
  • Risks: Planning the risk management.
  • Acquisitions: Planning the acquisition management.
  • People interested: Planning the management of those interested.

All these points will be written in your Project, in pdf format to be read.

Out of the five steps composing the P.M.P., the last three ones, Execution, Follow-up and Control and Closure, are not set out here, as a Project manager will be needed for that purpose, except for the first two steps, Viability and Planning (unless the creation is completely online and an ending is agreed).

The conclusion is not to present a very long Project, with too many details, which could be boring, but an idea which may be attractive, understandable and as direct as possible, in order to develop it. It will not be the usual power point presentation to pass slides, and if that is your idea, it is not what is intended or exposed here (once the Project has been handed in, you can create a presentation as you wish).

All agreements and commitments reached will be fulfilled accordingly, unless because of unforeseen events, in which case balance will be agreed by both parties.

We are neither liable for the profitability, nor the return of investment (ROI), or any process beyond the creation of your Project and its delivery.
Information about the idea/creation cannot be filtered nor expounded, only in case you wish so, after the delivery of the Project, you can publish it; it is a matter of confidentiality.

The Chamber of Commerce of your autonomous community can help you should you need it.

We are not obliged to accept any proposal of creation, and priority is not given to one or another because of personal interest and/or third parties.

Not all projects have the same extension, development, magnitude and/or scope.

The physical development is not guaranteed, nor the acceptance of investment by third parties, unless the Project could be developed totally online and its completion is agreed on since the beginning, or only in case of exception due to express demand of the Project physical development.

The payment of its creation/idea shall be agreed by both parties, by adhering to the taxes and the applicable financial laws of the country where the creation is done, Spain in this case.

Important note: These bases are not applicable to literary projects.

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