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Any type of literary development can be created from a previous and / or new idea, be it for cinema, television, book adaptation or videogame.

For this we have the creation of plot, sub-frame, paradigm, beginning, detonating, turning point, knot, climax and outcome, (in the case of being a series, the process will be based on a bible according to the argument).

Only literary material Will be sent to literary agents, representatives, producers.

For more information, contact the form at the bottom of the website identifying yourself as agent, representative, producer, or you can send an email to:

Custom work is also carried out.


All the works are registered in the Intellectual Property registry of Spain, (of international validity) and in SafeCreative.

Kaleb, The Fallen Paladin, (The first film of a saga: SCK – Kaleb Film Saga, ten intertwinted feature films)

Title: Kaleb, The Fallen Paladin

Format: Feature Film

Lenght: 100-120 Mins. (Saga 10 films).

Autor: Javier M. Bueno

Gender: Epic

Subgender: Drama, Action, Romance, Adventures

Localization: Medieval era

Period: Medieval era

Sinopsis: Consult the Scriptwriter.


Title: Antecessum

Format: Film

Lenght: 100 – 120 mins.

Autor: Javier M. Bueno

Gender: Science Fiction, Drama, Futuristic and Action.

Subgender: Space Time.

Localization: Europe and/or United Kingdom and/or United States of America.

Period: Actual time.

Sinopsis: Consult the scriptwriter.

Would you like a Pig-Mac? -> For Sale.

Título: Would you like a Pig-Mac?

Formato: Short Film

Longitud: 5-6 mins.

Autor: Javier M. Bueno

Género: Animation

Subgénero: Drama, Adventuress, Comedy, Fable

Localización: Farm

Período: Current Era

Sinopsis: Consult the scriptwriter.

The Unity U1. -> For Sale.

Police series, action, drama, romance and suspense.

¿Who is David? -> For Sale.

Comedy series with different types of humor.

The Division 102: Search the Eden. -> For Sale.

Post-apocalyptic, military, action, drama series.

A&D: Angels and Deamons. -> For Sale.

Fantastic genre series, drama, thriller.

Dark Empty -> For Sale.

Thriller feature film, action, drama.

The God´s Hand -> For Sale.

Action film, drama, touches of romance, military.

A Wonderful World -> For Sale.

Drama, comedy, overcoming, romance and business feature film.

Ryan Ash & The Astral World->For Sale.

Fantastic genre feature film, drama, suspense.