Financial Projects

Necessary information about the conditions, methods, development and other information for the objectification of the Projects

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Hotel Projection

Strategies of hotel projection, amongst them the use of Revenue Management is essential.

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Literary Creations

Creative Creation for different audiovisual formats, for literary agents, producers, etc. After a request for literary material.

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Urban Musical Production

Sale and reproduction of instrumentals of Hip-Hop and Rap of several styles.

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Creation of Brands and Projects


Online travel agency: Creation of Brand, target, segmentation, preparation of Project, design, OTA market analysis, commercial management.


Currently for sale, fully upgraded, price negotiable, contact form or send an email to

Aquaris Tours

Online travel agency: Creation of Brand, target, segmentation, preparation of Project, tourist services analysis, commercial management.


Model of Multinational Tourist Enterprise

Tourist Enterprise: Creation of Brand, target, segmentation, market analysis according to location, preparing of Project, hotel strategies, saving of costs/intermediaries, maximisation of profit, Business divisions.

Specialisation in the tourist sector of holiday accommodation, combined with other segments.

Viable and applicable example, for further information please use the contact form.

Also applicable to models of: Independent Hotel or Boutique Hotel


Hotel Project for Sale.

Hotel proposal with 210 rooms 4-star. 
Project created and ready for sale and actual creation of it. 
Consult through the form or by email
The Corporate Division will attend you in a private, 
personalized and friendly manner.
Proyecto Hotelero


Creation and personalization of Projects, from the most minimalist idea of Business to the international Brand.
Any person, group, investor/investing Company, are suitable for implementing your initiative.


All agreements are respected up to the closing, according to the terms described from the beginning, without external interferences, with complete privacy over your idea/Brand/Project, based on the PMP (Project Management Professional). Development.


Short term reply to doubts, changes, suggestions and all kind of communication necessary for the development of your order, without any long-term waits.